“With these guidelines, I look forward to seeing the number of green roofs, walls and facades increase across Victoria and Australia, and I encourage you to read the sections that are relevant to you. While the publication of the guidelines marks the completion of the Growing Green Guide team’s planned work, this is not the end of the Growing Green Guide project; it is the start of mainstreaming green roofs and walls into our built environment.

I congratulate the Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) councils of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Stonnington and Yarra, along with the State Government of Victoria and The University of Melbourne, on the delivery of this project and hope to see the guidelines further developed in coming years as we learn more about how these systems can deliver long term sustainable solutions across Australia.”

Sidonie Carpenter, Co-founder of Green Roofs Australasia and Director of Green Canopy Design (Queensland)


“As cities become denser the pressure on green space becomes more intense and competitive.  Using green roof, wall and facade technologies is one way to reverse this loss of green space.  In fact it is a very innovative and visual layer within the city. Victoria’s Growing Green Guide is a visionary and strategic document that sets the scene for the future direction of green roofs, walls and facades in a major international city and paves the way forward for other Australian cities and local governments to follow. It clearly demonstrates the many benefits of green roofs, walls and facades and demystifies the planning and design processes of these relatively new green technologies.  It provides considerable technical detail to assist homeowners, developers, and local and state authorities.”

–  Graeme Hopkins and Christine Goodwin, Fifth Creek Studio and the authors of Living Architecture: Green roofs and walls (South Australia)


“Urban expansion is a tide that is well and truly in, the Growing Green Guide is a natural evolutionary response to these progressions as we seek to cool our buildings, retain heat, lengthen the lifespans of our building envelopes and improve our visual amenity, internal air quality and on-site water quality. These improvements have to be conducted in parallel with adding measurable value and usable space to homes, offices and industrial facilities. The undisputed property value increases generated by incorporating high quality green roof, green wall and green facade technologies on new and retrofitted structures, is practically driving the industry forward, in conjunction with major environmental and quality-of-living benefits. The Growing Green Guide provides practical approaches to conceptualising, designing, budgeting for, constructing and maintaining these investments within Melbourne’s climate of development. This guide will appeal to the all constituent parties, notably DIY home-owners, large-scale developers, architects, planners, engineers, landscape architects and educational institutions, as a starting point, mid-project guide and future planning guide. I cannot recommend the Growing Green Guide highly enough, for those aiming to be well-informed.”

 –  Erik van Zuilekom, Fytogreen Australia (Victoria)